Teaser Sirius Options

Sirius Options

Enhance the beauty of your home with our selection of woodgrain textured steel panel designs. Choose one of our popular designs or create your own.

Sirius garage door front: Traditional


Sirius garage door front: Country


Add customized look to your home while letting the light in to your garage.

Short Panels

Sirius Short Window Design: Standard


Sirius Short Window Design: Cathedral


Sirius Short Window Design: Sherwood


Sirius Short Window Design: Cross


Sirius Short Window Design: Cascade


Sirius Short Window Design: Sunrise

Full Sunrise

Decorative Windows

Sirius Window Design: Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass

Sirius Window Design: Dakota Zinc Acrylic

Dakota Zinc Acrylic

Sirius Window Design: Sunburst Zinc Acrylic

Sunburst Zinc Acrylic

Sirius Window Design: Dynasty Glass

Dynasty Glass

Sirius Window Design: Dakota Brass Acrylic

Dakota Brass Acrylic

Sirius Window Design: Sunburst Brass Acrylic

Sunburst Brass Acrylic

Choose the color which best suits your home.

Sirius Color: White


Sirius Color: Sandstone


Additional hardware gives your garage door an individual look and adds overall curb appeal to your home.

Sirius Garage Door Opener: Spade - Stamped Steel

Spade - Stamped Steel

Sirius Garage Door Opener: Spear - Wrought Cast Iron

Spear - Wrought Cast Iron

Sirius Garage Door Opener: Elegant Handle

Elegant Handle